Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Gay Witches and Wizards and Warlocks OH MY!

Sure....I am about 4 months behind on this. Also it is true that I am not a very religious person. But this article by Pastor Joshua on Dumbledore from Harry Potter and his homosexuality has got to be one of the most awkward pieces I have ever read. I am not entirely sure whether to be completely shocked by this persons ignorance or to laugh hysterically at it. Ok, I did both.
The article begins with calling Harry Potter's author J.K. Rowling a "bint" (british slang which resembles bitch) then goes into a rant about Dumbledore's gayness and how horrible of a person Rowling is for allowing this to be said. Ill show you this piece of the article just so you understand how crazy this "Pastor" is.

Rubbish! Twaddle! Are we now going to see old Dumby snuggle up to some other warlock and have a passionate snog? Do you want to see that? How about you gay boys? Does that do it for you? I think even you “light in the loafers” lot would be grossed out by that scene.

What parent now wants to explain the fact that this very attentive old man is now perhaps attracted to Harry or perhaps one of the other young boys who attend the school of witchcraft? It was bad enough that the young male star, Daniel Radcliffe recently decided to shed all his clothes in a play he was in, no doubt sending legions of boy appreciating sodomites into tizzes of lustful interest.

Now we have Dumbledore as the ultimate NAMBLA candidate…charming…. Is he going to be paying close attention to young Mr Potter’s magic stick?

I can honestly say that I do not know where to begin with a response to that post. Joshua seems to be angry not only at J.K. Rowling but also at the fact that a gay character might be resembled in a decent light in the media for a change. Not Dharma and Greg style, with a very flamboyant person running around discussing sexual conquests, but as a smart and quiet, heroic person. That being said, this is no way excuses the Pastor for this crap that he has posted on this Christian site. He starts out with a decent argument on why it should even matter, but then goes into a grossly offensive anti-homosexual rant.
The idea of a homosexual in the Harry Potter books was to open people's eye's that it does not matter if Dumbledore is gay or not because he was a great person in these books. He had a troubled personal life and there was no mention of him ever even having a relationship. Is it really that surprising to you? Joshua then goes on to compare Dumbledore to a sodomite and describes a scene he seems to have conjured up in his sick head. Dumbledore might be gay, but that does NOT make him a pedophile. It is grossly offense to homosexuals to push gay people into that stereotype, especially when the same amount of straight people are pedophiles as much as gay people. The pastor did not go on a rant about how Professor Trelawny (a female teacher in the books) might end up hitting on Harry Potter just because she is straight and not married.
The second that you compare a gay person to someone in a sick group such as NAMBLA simply based on their sexual orientation, it is easy to tell that you are a bigot. This Pastor Joshua is a bigot. Dumbledore may be gay, but that does not make him any less of a hero to the billions of adoring fans across the globe.
The article ends with Bigot Joshua saying A witch is a witch but a queer warlock is sickening. Why is it sickening? Just because their orientation does not live up to the fantasy world portrayed in your little mind, where every man is with a woman and marriage is truly an everlasting bond that goes on for eternity in the heaven which only the true believers of Christ are in. I think it is sickening that people like Joshua actually voice their misguided and offensive opinions with this much certainty in their stance.


Anonymous said...

it's satire.

Julie said...

surprised he didn't mention the fan*girls* who would be (and in some case, are) interested in seeing Daniel Radcliffe in the nude.