Saturday, December 8, 2007


Fox News : Noone Covers Politics like Fox News
Ron Paul support in NH
House Page Program
NASA and Atlantis
Richardson and New Mexico voters
5 worst blunder on 08 campaigns. (audio cut) 4 republican 1 Hilary
Landowners on Mexican Border Wall (phrasing done poor about drug smugglers)
Clinton Family Dinner in Iowa

CNN: The Best Political Team in the Nation
Jenna Bush calls family on Ellen Degeneres (funny)
Mccrery not running again, 17 other republicans stepping down from House
Magna Carta up for auction
Huckabee at 39% in Iowa in one poll, tied in others
Clinton family dinner in Iowa

Above is the stories for Both Fox News and CNN Headline News at approximately 3 pm on Saturday, December 8th. As you can see, in the time slots which I watched, the majority of the information shown on both channels was different, with the exception of course being Hilary Clinton eating dinner with her family on the campaign trail (shocking I know). I will go on record as saying that I am not particularly fond of Fox News and believe that their brand of "journalism" is very biased as they seem to be the new talking heads for the bush administration.

That having been said, my thoughts were soon justified as Fox showed a great deal of small mush pieces in between their hard hitting stories (Ron Paul in NH and the White House Paige debacle). This was soon followed by two commercial breaks within 50 seconds of each other after an audio problem occured with a man discussing campaign slips for the candidates. On the other side, Cnn disappointed me. I was hoping for a bit more hard hitting news, and instead got a decent size piece on Ellen Degeneres and Jenna Bush talking to the President on the phone. Hours before that happened, the President gave a speech on Iraq which supposedly answered some lingering questions, but this wasn't even touched upon. When Hilary Clinton showed up on the screen eating with her family in Iowa, i threw a shoe at the television and turned it off. While Fox News was not produced very well (grainy footage and audio difficulties) CNN had crisp pictures and seemed to be more in touch with the public. Although Fox lost this battle quite easily, I am still a much bigger fan of CNN, I just personally wish both would cover harder hitting stories in their afternoon programming.

Half an hour later I turned Fox News back on just to check out what was showing. It was a female reporter bashing Democrats on a bill in the house. There is never two sides to an argument I guess. Fox News coined the phrase "fair and balanced" as part of their slogan, yet they seem to be "unorganized and unbalanced". I have yet to turn CNN back on after showing Hilary's dinner plans.

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