Wednesday, December 12, 2007

4 5 6 o'clock, 11 o'clock rock

11 o'clock news! The CBS 2 News on December 11th started with a large Nor easter coming towards area's north of New York City. This was followed by what they called their "other top story" which was on a rapist on the run. It then switched too a fire which killed four people, which then changed into a robbery story. Still no news on Politics and we are 10 minutes into the show. Fifteen Minutes in and all I am hearing about is illegal cab drivers. This is, of course, followed by the whether and another story on the snow storm and cold front coming. Twenty five minutes in and I have just heard about Jessica Alba's Pregnancy, but nothing at this point on politics. The show ends after sports without even mentioning politics.
This is the news! How can you possibly not even mention the thing that drives the news in the first place! It is not even really news to me and many other people unless you at least know what is going on outside of your very small community. Also, to be completely honest, I am not at all entertained watching the 11 o'clock news, and I am actually a bit afraid to go outside alone. For the first ten minutes of this program, all I can hear is how one awful person after another is on the run from the law and planning to rape or rob people. After then ten minute mark all I hear about is the weather and fluff about celebrities and whether or not they are pregnant. We finished with sports where they show highlights of the Knicks. Nobody cares about the Knicks! The players on the Knicks don't even care about the Knicks! This is not news!f
I am not surprised anymore that people turn to watch The Daily Show to get their news instead of watching their local station's news programs. When your choices are between a show which is uplifting and very funny or a show that makes you afraid of leaving your house, very few people actually choose the latter. I know I sure would rather watch the one that leaves me informed on my news on a national level instead of the one that leaves me depressed. This wasn't entertaining and I didn't learn anything from watching it. I feel like I just wasted thirty minutes of my life.

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