Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Truman Show Media

Many of us have asked the simple question "where will we be in twenty years". Now take out yourself from that equation. Replace it with "where will reality tv be in twenty years". We have been following around everyone with a video camera for the past 10 years. We broke up Jessica Simpson and Nich Lachey by putting them on camera through the first three years of their marriage and we put out reality shows every half hour on MTV. It seems almost as if people are going through their own versions of the Truman Show but know that it's happening so they are willing to do crazy things for their 15 minutes of fame.
With all of this being said however, reality shows seem to be hitting a crossroads. Shows such as Survivor and the Bachelor are barely remaining on air whereas shows such as the Age of Love (where a 30 year old is forced to choose between a group of 20 year olds and a group of 40 year olds.....tough choice) have been completely taken off the air after a few short episodes. I guarantee that tv producers are scrambling to find out the next new reality hit. All they need to do is ask me and then they will know what their next top rated tv show will be : Reality Congressman.
One of the most scandalous places in the past few years has been congress. Yes the democrats have had a few scandals in the past few years, but as many of us know listening to the nightly news, the Republican side of this congress have been shooting themselves in the feet with the amount of scandals that have been occuring as of recently. Whether its due to tapping your foot under a stall in a Minnesota airport looking for a male escort or laundering millions of dollars on your campaign finances, the ratings would come flying in. We could even do in depth interviews with government paiges in case we run out of footage for a specific episode. They all probably have some interesting things to say.
Just give it a chance ABC....MTV.....I'll even settle for the CW but trust me, we are very close to a large sum of money either through television ratings or laundered money. Either way we could very well be rich!

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