Saturday, December 8, 2007

Hannity v Colmes (cage match)

As many of you know, Fox news hosts a show called "Hannity and Colmes" which features two pundits arguing out issues amongst themselves and with guests. The issue recently brought to the table was whether or not Barack Obama is capable of proving himself to be black enough. The author of a new book on Barack's candidacy claimed that Barack cannot win because he is a bargainer which will not win the black vote across America, because those votes will turn to those who "challenge". The man then goes on to explain that Barack Obama can't win because his color brings problems with it such as white people enjoying him because he doesn't challenge the norm. Now as I have state previously, I am supporting John Edwards for the Democratic nomination for president, but taking illegitimate shots at Barack Obama is just wrong. He has identified himself as a candidate and while he may not be on my top list he is still a very respectable person. Hannity breaks apart the book into just a single quote from the book and attacks that quote even though it had nothing to do with the book itself, then the show ends his segment while he is trying to explain himself.
I honestly do not understand how Fox news continues to put shows on the air such as Hannity and Colmes, with the claim that it shows both sides of the argument just because Alan Colmes proclaims himself to be a liberal. The show, just like it's host station, is very biased and doesn't focus that much on the facts, but instead on sound bites and headlines. We already have multiple shows on Fox where Republicans sit and bash liberals for being "soft on terror" and "incapable of understanding our President", why do we need another? On top of everything, it seems that Colmes doesn't understand a lot of what is occurring on his show. If he was really a smart person, he would have cited instances in which Barack Obama stood up for himself and showed his true personality during the interview. He seems to fit the persona of what Fox News feels Democrats are...Misinformed and not very bright.

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