Sunday, December 2, 2007

Freedom to... .... ....use

A classmate of mine recently posted a response to an article on about a new facility opening up in San Fransisco. Having been born in California and spending a great deal of time in San Fransisco, seeing as my grandfather lived in the city and both my other grandparents lived on the outskirts, this article struck an interest in me. California is known for it's unorthodox way of dealing with problems and in turn known as an unorthodox city. Therefore opening up a clinic in San Fransisco for druggies to inject themselves, while unusual in other cities, seems almost second thought in this area.
Rachael writes that while this is a good idea, there may be multiple problems which arise from it, such as the fact that this institution would be coming from taxpayers dollars. She seems to believe that it would be wrong for taxpayers to support the habits of druggies. Here is where I disagree. With giving the people of San Fransisco a place to support their drug habits, this is a very good step in the direction of legalizing drugs and cleaning up the streets which are both initiatives that i support. I believe that the taxpayers of San Fransisco would be more than willing to clean up the streets of their city by giving these people a safe means to use. Then after giving them this place, we could use it in the hopes that we could turn people away from these drugs and on to a better, more prosperous career. This is a step in the right direction.

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