Thursday, November 1, 2007


The Sullivan Times recently posted a report by Andrew Sullivan himself on the candidacy of Barack Obama vs. that of Hilary Clinton. He tells of Barack's many positions that differ from that of Hilary, then discusses why he is a better candidate. I am sorry Mr. Sullivan, as I appreciate a great deal of the posts you make, but this one I feel is wrong. The reason Mr. Obama is not afraid of the conservative right is because he has not been in office long enough to be afraid of them. Obama is not the one fresh face because of what he believes. Heck No! He is one fresh face because he is new to it. Hilary is a seasoned veteran when it comes to the political life, and she knows how to deal with criticisms along with praises.

I don't think the Republican wing really wants to fight against Hilary Clinton like they did early in this campaign. She has come on very strong as of lately, and on top of that, none of the republican candidates could likely stand a chance against her. Be that as it may, they could likely use the experience factor against someone like Barack Obama. The major problem with these two candidates is that neither can likely win in the south, Hilary Clinton having a much smaller chance then Barack.

What disturbs me about this essay is that Sullivan did not even mention the candidate who is only a few points behind Obama...John Edwards. John Edwards seems to be the best bet for the democrats if they wish to have a chance in some southern swing states, and if they really want to win an election. His beliefs are more moderate then most of the other candidates, yet still very liberal with a major platform of his being universal health care. This is why I am supporting John Edwards for president.

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