Wednesday, October 24, 2007

bother bother bother bother

As me and my sister were sitting in the sold out theater, getting ready for the new harry potter movie (Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix), some very strange noises were heard behind us. "Snape...Snape.....Severus Snape" followed by multiple teenagers saying "bother bother bother bother". The end result of this was my sister laughing hysterically and me sitting in confusement, wondering if this was just a game they had made up, if they were quoting something, or if something was seriously wrong. After the movie, my sister directed me to youtube where I watched the videos known as "potter puppet pals" which have become hugely popular in the "potter realm". While there are multiple videos for these Harry Potter Puppets, the one that I have heard the most is Bothering Snape.
Bothering Snape is virtually 1 minute and 15 seconds of harry and ron pushing snape as they scream "bother". The video ends with Snape performing a spell on them and Dumbledore dancing in the end. Like most popular videos on youtube, it has gained almost a cult like following as harry potter fans not only quote the video, but wear t-shirts having to do with it as well. It is amazing the impact many people are having just through this youtube site. Bands like OK-GO have even hit their stardom based solely on videos they have posted, and many entertainment tv shows often show the most popular videos from the site during certain blocks of air time. This is usaully chosen by the amount of viewers the video has. The Potter Puppet Pals have multiple other videos, one of which has over 20 million views. As more videos are put out by the minute, more teens around the US are quoting videos found on youtube. This is why youtube is becoming one of the biggest sites visited for teenagers around the US. Potter Puppet Pals is just one of the many videos found which is used non stop for Potter afficianados everywhere.
When things are looked at from a more political side, these small videos can have a very big impact on the larger picture. Now that more younger children are using the internet and going on places like youtube, they are going to start learning about politics at a younger age. With campaigns playing a huge part on the internet, places like youtube and myspace are giving the candidates videos, pages, and air time to get their points across. Some may say that these are just ploys by new media that take away from that of the traditional side, but in truth it is a way for politics to branch off as it connects to a younger, more technological youth.

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