Monday, November 26, 2007

Australian Greenpeace

Recent elections have caused quite a stir in regards to US-Australian relations. With the election of Labor party candidate Kevin Rudd, the Australian voting public have sent a strong message to the US by electing an environmental politician who will not stand next to the US with the Kyoto Protocol. The British Greenpeace Blog reported also about the Australian government working to heavily lower their dependence on coal energy by shutting down many plants and have started trying to use new reusable energy as a source for their country. This seems to be just another step in the downfall of America's reputation around the world.
Many other countries have stopped their support for the US either by publicly criticizing us or by pulling out their troops from Iraq. Much like Iran did with the election of a figure who was very disliked by Americans, Australia seems to have followed step. You have to wonder how President Bush sees this, or if he even chooses to see this at all. History will vindicate him is his train of thought, but we may be hated for many years to come and this could strongly effect the policies carried out by future administrations. I have to believe in the latter, as this seems to be a continuing trend in the way we are viewed.

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