Monday, October 15, 2007

Feministe Abortions

Feministe (a feminist blog which discusses more then just womens' issues) recently posted about a recent World Health Organization (WHO) study on abortions and the effects of outlawing them. Feministe does a nice job of mixing quotes from the reports given by the WHO and her own opinions/facts. She brings up many good points all of which greatly support the study her post is about. In her post, she talks about how much more dangerous it would be for women if abortions were illegal. While not giving her actual opinion on abortions, she is able to paint a grim picture through common knowledge and previous studies on this account.

Despite having a large amount of quoted materials in her blog, Feministe is able to throw in a great deal of her own information and common sense which makes the blog twice as effective. Information is used through her blog such as "wouldn’t you know it: It’s the countries with the most pro-choice policies that have the lowest abortion rates" and "And when you turn women into criminals, they’re a whole lot less likely to seek out medical care if something goes wrong". She also brings up a very good argument discussing another downside of making abortions illegal when she says "when abortion is illegal, more women are going to be having dangerous abortions in the first place" . This is a great piece of well thought out information, which can also be shown throughout US history. Ranging back from the days of Al Capone, when the US government started the prohibition era and decided to outlaw alcohol. The rise in Alcohol grew and suddenly normal people were being turned into criminals and many were doing dangerous things to buy and sell alcohol. An anti-abortion law will only hurt many of the females in this country today. Feministe has hit the nail on the head with this one.

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